Monday, August 28, 2017

Covert Trail Camera Reviews

This brand of camera is relatively new, yet they have come out with a wide range of innovative cameras over the last few years. These cameras are versatile and have features that have something for everyone. Their collection of cameras is ideal for wildlife as well as security surveillance. The only lowdown with these cameras is their slow trigger time, which is 0.90 seconds and upwards. The most popular one is Covert MP8 IR Mossy Oak Camera that has been getting great reviews in recent months. Have a look at best covert trail cameras of 2016;

Covert MPE6 Trail Camera

Settling in at around the low price range is the Covert MPE6 Trail Camera, a nice addition to any hunter’s arsenal. The camera uses 28 infrared LED’s to take full advantage of its 6MP shots at both daytime and nighttime intervals. With up to a 45ft. flash range it does have a good amount to work with in a crowded area, and the camera only needs 8AA batteries to function. While some of the other cameras in Covert’s lineup can be a bit power hungry, buyers should consider this one of their more user friendly models.

The casing looks black but is actually a solid brown, capable of being completely hidden during the nighttime. If you tend to collect a lot of photos, you can separate them by the optional moon, date temp and time stamps. This camera is on the smallish side but isn’t micro, having dimensions of 5×3.7×3 inches and weighing in at only 1 pound. This is a good starter camera for buyers that want a nice mix of features but don’t want to spend twice the price. It does everything it is supposed to do out of the box, and even a little more.

Covert Scouting Cameras MP8 Black

The first thing to stand out about this medium priced camera is the realtree xtra design, one that has become beloved due to marketing. It blends in well in a forest setting making for some interesting placements for the creative hunter. It uses 40 no glow LED’s, hence the black flash making it undetectable to the human or animals eyes. A color viewer is embedded into the unit, and is about 1 inch in size. It’s big enough to do minor tasks and make special adjustments to the settings, but viewing pictures and videos may be a bit too cramped on the small screen.

When put on a bigger screen you’ll see just how beautiful the 8MP is in full view, showing that there is a lot of processing power underneath the camera’s hardware. Time lapse capabilities are very manual dependent, letting you adjust them to best match the type of setting you place the camera in. The camera uses either 4 or 8AA depending on your personal usage, with the 4AA lasting a lot longer than expected. Not a true successor to the MPE6, but still a very good trail camera that will get the job done.

Covert Extreme Red HD 40 Camera

The medium priced Covert Extreme Red 40 Game Camera is a bargain at the current price and shouldn’t be glossed over. It uses 40 red glow LED’s to give crisp and detailed images, and has a trigger speed of 1.2 seconds to catch all of the action as it is in motion. This camera is one of the best Covert has to offer out of their lineup and was voted 2012 Best Buy from the Inside Archery magazine. You don’t get accolades like that unless your camera is really cutting edge. Although it is a full 8MP camera, you can manually change it to 3 and 5MP to save battery power and storage space.

There is a roomy 2 inch color viewer embedded in the camera to watch your videos or browse through your photos, and they can be organized based on automated stamps. This puppy takes a lot of horsepower, requiring 12AA batteries, so it is a bit on the hungry side for energy. But if set up properly, it can take over 3,000 HD pictures without missing a single beat. Considered to be the best model in the Covert line, this is where all hunters should start their research at.

Covert Extreme Black HD 60 Camera

At about the mid-price range is the Covert Extreme Black HD 60 Camera, penetrating the market with its top tier features but user friendly price. The 60 no glow invisible LED’s are one of the premium features that really has people talking. If you use this camera for game hunting or even security, having the black LED’s in place lets you snap photos or videos without alerting the intruder. This is also the strongest camera in Covert’s lineup, boasting a 12MP resolution with full HD video with audio capabilities.

A nice sized 2 inch color viewer on the back will give you a full view of all of the captures, and all in an easy to navigate menu. Sorting the thousands of photos and videos is a lot easier with the optional time date, moon phase and temperature stamps that can be embedded within the media. There is full support for a 32GB card, so prepare to spend months trying to fill up all that extra space. The only thing that this camera is lacking is a wireless function, and even without one it is still one of the most powerful models Covert offers.

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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Blank Printable Pay Stubs - It's a Leap of Faith

All of us understand what is. Depending on how our pay period went, we jump up and down with glee once we see it we get more depressed than a stay-at-home mom who's just run out of her Lithium prescription.

This is a manifestation of us a sharp reminder of where we are and raises the issue, "is that it?" Or maybe you are happy in your workplace and getting paid well also. You are among the few who do like their jobs, enjoy it rather than take it for granted. But what about the rest of us, caught up in the rat race just barely making it pay your bill, this can be a metaphor for life.

Let's look at It has the company logo, your gross pay, the deductions to Uncle Sam, insurance details and your net salary. Now create your own working with a sterile printable pay stub. Make your own company logo. Picture it in mind. What would it look like? Add just a little slogan below it says what your organization does. What about earnings. How much do you prefer to pay yourself? Nice. I feel the warmth of a smile on your face. What about deductions? What would you like to cover? A new house, a visit to Paris, prestigious ballet courses for the little woman, the list is endless. If you are not a Math head don't be worried about the calculations. This isn't a lesson in accounting. It's a lesson on vision, your vision to become more specific.

Unfortunately for you, it doesn't really work like that if you don't have your own business and even in the event that you do, odds a sterile printable is only going to help in making your job easier when you are paying your employees. The fact is that this is what these are for. They are basically templates which you may use to create payroll easier. You can fill in the company's emblem if needed, the employee's name, the date, the amounts, deductions and all the other necessary information that's required on The next step is to simply publish the and hand them off to the applicable personnel.

Depending on the template that you get or where you receive your sterile printable cover; you may even find that your job becomes much easier than you had initially expected. Some templates will allow you to place the tax calculations and other deductions beforehand so that when you enter the first figure, it calculates the deductions for you automatically. This will help save you a lot of time during the payroll period.

These printable are found on the internet and are often down-loadable as a template. All you may have to do after that is to complete the fields and print. A number of them are extremely customizable in order for your does not seem like everybody else's, it's still possible to have the easy task while using it reflect your personal small business flair.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

What You, Entrepreneur, Can Do to Support Green Energy

What You, Entrepreneur, Can Do to Support Green Energy

You like going outside, right? You have fond memories of going down the slide, swinging in warm summer air and jumping into pools, right? Whether you believe in global warming in an official sense, it should be important to you to preserve our environment and the natural resources around you.

With the U.S. election now over and the changing of the guard, the environment has become a contentious topic for our country. I feel a bit like Peter Pan saying this, but some silly adults seem to be putting their 2017 profit margin at a higher priority than the entire planet. But all hope is not lost -- an increasing percentage of our global population has decided that keeping our environment healthy is a critical and noble cause.

However, 2017 looks to be a defining year in the battle between green initiatives and big business. Of course, not everything rests on the United States, though it is a major player. The fossil fuel industries are making moves in Europe, with oil suppliers cutting supply to drive up prices again. Additionally, China and India have shown signs that they would like to be leaders in clean energy, but politics can still derail that plan -- and both are poised to act in reaction to the U.S.

This situation has worn on me, and I have a feeling it’s wearing you down as well. To calm my nerves, I took a health check of the major green energy and environmental initiatives and also forecasted what we can expect in 2017. Lastly, because nobody likes to sit by and watch the world happen around them, I’ve hit on a few things we entrepreneurs can do to help.


By almost every account, solar has had a good year. In fact, it has had a few good years, growing in the U.S. by substantial margins since 2010. This year, experts forecast that solar companies will install 73 gigawatts of new solar capacity, up from 51 gigawatts in 2015.

Some forecasts predict that growth of new solar installations ( Goal Zero Nomad 20 is a good example ) globally will decline to the single digits, due to market saturation in the U.S. and China, but will surge ahead again by 2019 as more markets (such as the middle and lower class) open up as technology becomes more affordable. Many are hoping to see China emerge as a leader in the industry -- both as a producer and as a political leader.

China has taken leadership in photovoltaic manufacturing and deployment. Now it also has the golden opportunity to do it in policymaking. With the uncertainty surrounding new U.S. energy and climate policy, China has a once-in-a-lifetime chance to move its policy positions forward -- and it will, despite some disturbing signals from Beijing.

So what can entrepreneurs do to help? First of all, look at your electrical bill, and make sure that -- if it’s an option -- you’ve selected to receive solar energy. If you own your own facilities, consider installing solar panels on the roof. Lastly, take a look at your supply chain. Ask your suppliers and vendors what they’re doing to support solar, and if they use panels at their own facilities.

Do they have competitors who do more to preserve the environment around them? Consider switching (or at least threatening to switch) to make sure that your money goes towards helping the solar industry grow.

Energy storage

Energy storage might be the most exciting clean energy technology to watch in 2017. Growth is expected in nearly every sector: at home, commercially and at public facilities.

The energy storage industry in the U.S. is expected to grow to 478 megawatts in 2017 and more than 2,045 megawatts by 2021. The clean energy industry’s continued ability to cut costs and reduce the demand for fossil fuels is pivotal to its success in the coming years.

So what can entrepreneurs do to help? As an entrepreneur, you’re in a prime spot to help. Consider storing energy yourself -- this is a great excuse to invest in Tesla products. Just as with solar, consider putting your money towards vendors and suppliers who use energy storage with their green initiatives.


In the U.S., wind energy is not the bulk producer that solar is, though it should be noted that wind has much larger adopters abroad. Still, the wind energy industry continues to plug along, installing 7 gigawatts of production capacity in 2016.

However, the future of wind energy is brighter than many realize. According to the American Wind Energy Association, there are 18.2 gigawatts of wind energy capacity currently under construction or in the planning process, which would represent nearly a quarter of current capacity.

Thankfully, the political future of wind energy is still quite secure -- even if some golf course owners aren’t huge fans. Legislation passed near the end of 2015 guarantees energy tax credits through 2019, which gives the industry time to further refine its technology before it has to go head to head with oil and coal. With the increased public awareness of the problems that oil and gas cause, I’m confident that by 2019, wind energy will have a secure place in the hearts and minds of the population.

Vic Shao, founder and CEO of Green Charge, the largest provider of commercial energy storage in the U.S., says that the fundamentals of the clean energy industry are good even if there are challenges in the new year.

“The technology is viable. From solar and wind to hydro and energy storage, the technology is producing energy at competitive rates and there are more and more solutions that save consumers significant sums of money," Shao says. "The new year certainly has question marks, but the industry as a whole is healthy. Clean energy as an industry is more robust than ever before."

He's right - almost all of the numbers suggest that progress is continuing to accelerate.

So what can entrepreneurs do to help? Just as with the previous two, the best thing you can do as an entrepreneur is to get involved -- put your money towards vendors and suppliers that use wind energy, support the industry and offer your assistance.

If you’re still searching for your perfect startup idea, consider getting into green energy. More and more college startup ideas that are as profitable as they are ethical include a variety of possibilities, including organic catering, bicycle repair and eco energy consultant. Consider becoming part of these booming, prosperous industries by becoming a solar panel or wind energy vendor or installer or a bio-fuel producer. Equally needed are those who know how to perform maintenance on these modern machines -- and you can learn how at most community colleges and ed tech programs.

As environmental issues and concerns become a center issue in political debates around the world, it’s becoming apparent that 2017 is the year that green initiatives will have the opportunity to become more than what crunchy granola hippies talk about and become fully mainstream. I hate to think of what would happen if they fail.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Colourful log cabin quilt highlight of 90th Ottawa Valley Farm Show

Several celebratory events will be staged during the 90th Ottawa Valley Farm Show March 14-15, including auction of an anniversary quilt as part of the annual Prestigious Pedigreed Seed Sale raising funds for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario. To date, the sale has collected $130,000.

The burgundy, beige and gold log cabin quilt with each block radiating out from a golden wheat field has been assembled over many months by a core of 12 volunteers led by Nancy Grundy. As she has for the past several years, Grundy will co-ordinate the quilt display at the farm show, focusing in 2017 on heritage creations.

According to Grundy, in early Nov. 2016, ladies met and began to sew the individual log cabin blocks. She sewed them together, with help from Pauline Farey and Joanne Hunter, who put on the border and binding.

All of the fabric was donated by Ruth Liscumb at Flair with Fabrics in Chesterville, and Pauline Clarke from 3 Dogs Quilting in North Gower did the quilting with her long arm quilting machine.

“We decided on the log cabin as it is an older pattern; normally the centre should be red to represent the hearth of the home, but we chose a golden colour to represent the golden wheat fields,” Grundy explained. “The centre of the pattern also represents the centre of the farm radiating out into the community. Pauline chose gold thread to represent the grain crops, and a pattern that has leaves and sprouts for the wheat sheaves and vines.”

In addition, the large stone fence pays tribute to the hard work of forefathers clearing the land and creating the stone fences throughout the area.

“All the ladies’ names who helped or worked on the quilt are handwritten on the stones,” Grundy said. “The landscape was hand-appliqued on to the back of the quilt. The name of the quilt is ‘Farmer’s Joy.’ It is a joy to be a farmer and it was a joy for us to create this priceless commemorative quilt.”

The display will be held in the front exhibit halls along with 4-H projects and antiques organized by Vintage Iron & Traditions of Eastern Ontario. This year, one hall has been reserved for the 90th celebration, with a focus on live fiddle music and step dancing, local food, farm-themed bingo, the president’s Cookie Contest, and much more.

The quilt will fit a king-sized bed. It’s reversible, with the flip side featuring a 40-by-40-inch appliqued landscape encompassing both the old and new logos of the farm show and the Ottawa Valley Seed Growers Association which has sponsored it since 1927, back when it started in Renfrew County as a rotating seed competition and exhibition.

“The landscape celebrates evolution of the farm show. You can use it on the bed or flip it over and hang it on the wall,” Grundy observed, adding that it’s priceless. “It’s the one and only.”

Friday, March 10, 2017



Although it has been postponed again, for Borg knows which time, and will now air sometime late summer instead of May, STAR TREK: DISCOVERY new sf series has just drafted its captain! Jason Isaacs will take the helm of Star Fleet's starship Discovery as Captain Lorca opposite Sonequa Martin Green who will be the commander and actually the lead character of the new show which will air on CBS and Netflix around the world. The story will follow the first adventures of the crew at the beginnings of Star Fleet's exploration of space and will also feature Michelle Yeoh as the captain of another Star Fleet Starship. The series will also feature first gay character in a Star Trek series. 

Wednesday, March 1, 2017



Nobody would pretend that Selma Avenue in Hollywood is one of the great walking streets, nor one of the great places for urban exploration - it runs for about a mile and a half, east/west, between and parallel to Hollywood Boulevard and Sunset Boulevard. But it’s not without interest, because nowhere is.

Back in the day Selma used to a be a place where young men, inspired perhaps by Midnight Cowboy, hung out and plied their trade. There’s still a YMCA in the street, but you can’t stay there these days however much fun it might be. This is John Rechy below on the steps of the First Baptist Church of Hollywood, which has stood on Selma in its present form since 1935.

Thursday, February 23, 2017



I’m never sure how I feel about that old psychogeographic strategy of using a map of one place while walking in another. I mean it seems sort of interesting, but surely once you arrive at the first river or dead end then surely the conceit ends pretty abruptly. (I could be wrong, this isn’t my area.)

But suddenly I find some psychogeography avant la letter in a rather surprising place – in Evelyn Waugh’s travel book Labels. It was his account of the 1929 Mediterranean cruise he took with his wife, who was of course also named Evelyn. One of the places they visited was Malta, and Waugh bought himself a guide book titled Walks in Malta by one F. Weston.