Monday, August 28, 2017

Covert Trail Camera Reviews

This brand of camera is relatively new, yet they have come out with a wide range of innovative cameras over the last few years. These cameras are versatile and have features that have something for everyone. Their collection of cameras is ideal for wildlife as well as security surveillance. The only lowdown with these cameras is their slow trigger time, which is 0.90 seconds and upwards. The most popular one is Covert MP8 IR Mossy Oak Camera that has been getting great reviews in recent months. Have a look at best covert trail cameras of 2016;

Covert MPE6 Trail Camera

Settling in at around the low price range is the Covert MPE6 Trail Camera, a nice addition to any hunter’s arsenal. The camera uses 28 infrared LED’s to take full advantage of its 6MP shots at both daytime and nighttime intervals. With up to a 45ft. flash range it does have a good amount to work with in a crowded area, and the camera only needs 8AA batteries to function. While some of the other cameras in Covert’s lineup can be a bit power hungry, buyers should consider this one of their more user friendly models.

The casing looks black but is actually a solid brown, capable of being completely hidden during the nighttime. If you tend to collect a lot of photos, you can separate them by the optional moon, date temp and time stamps. This camera is on the smallish side but isn’t micro, having dimensions of 5×3.7×3 inches and weighing in at only 1 pound. This is a good starter camera for buyers that want a nice mix of features but don’t want to spend twice the price. It does everything it is supposed to do out of the box, and even a little more.

Covert Scouting Cameras MP8 Black

The first thing to stand out about this medium priced camera is the realtree xtra design, one that has become beloved due to marketing. It blends in well in a forest setting making for some interesting placements for the creative hunter. It uses 40 no glow LED’s, hence the black flash making it undetectable to the human or animals eyes. A color viewer is embedded into the unit, and is about 1 inch in size. It’s big enough to do minor tasks and make special adjustments to the settings, but viewing pictures and videos may be a bit too cramped on the small screen.

When put on a bigger screen you’ll see just how beautiful the 8MP is in full view, showing that there is a lot of processing power underneath the camera’s hardware. Time lapse capabilities are very manual dependent, letting you adjust them to best match the type of setting you place the camera in. The camera uses either 4 or 8AA depending on your personal usage, with the 4AA lasting a lot longer than expected. Not a true successor to the MPE6, but still a very good trail camera that will get the job done.

Covert Extreme Red HD 40 Camera

The medium priced Covert Extreme Red 40 Game Camera is a bargain at the current price and shouldn’t be glossed over. It uses 40 red glow LED’s to give crisp and detailed images, and has a trigger speed of 1.2 seconds to catch all of the action as it is in motion. This camera is one of the best Covert has to offer out of their lineup and was voted 2012 Best Buy from the Inside Archery magazine. You don’t get accolades like that unless your camera is really cutting edge. Although it is a full 8MP camera, you can manually change it to 3 and 5MP to save battery power and storage space.

There is a roomy 2 inch color viewer embedded in the camera to watch your videos or browse through your photos, and they can be organized based on automated stamps. This puppy takes a lot of horsepower, requiring 12AA batteries, so it is a bit on the hungry side for energy. But if set up properly, it can take over 3,000 HD pictures without missing a single beat. Considered to be the best model in the Covert line, this is where all hunters should start their research at.

Covert Extreme Black HD 60 Camera

At about the mid-price range is the Covert Extreme Black HD 60 Camera, penetrating the market with its top tier features but user friendly price. The 60 no glow invisible LED’s are one of the premium features that really has people talking. If you use this camera for game hunting or even security, having the black LED’s in place lets you snap photos or videos without alerting the intruder. This is also the strongest camera in Covert’s lineup, boasting a 12MP resolution with full HD video with audio capabilities.

A nice sized 2 inch color viewer on the back will give you a full view of all of the captures, and all in an easy to navigate menu. Sorting the thousands of photos and videos is a lot easier with the optional time date, moon phase and temperature stamps that can be embedded within the media. There is full support for a 32GB card, so prepare to spend months trying to fill up all that extra space. The only thing that this camera is lacking is a wireless function, and even without one it is still one of the most powerful models Covert offers.

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